Frost Turquoise – Jewelry Injection Wax

The Fire & Frost range of jewlry injection waxes are available through our distribution partner Rio Grande Jewlry Supplies


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Precizioned Frost Turquoise PZ-J 524ATQ is a premium general purpose jewelry injection pattern wax suitable for the production of most jewelry designs. This wax offers an excellent balance of characteristics, with slightly more fluidity for the most demanding injection applications. Frost Turquoise provides excellent injection, good flow, low shrinkage, exceptional surface finish and reproduction of fine detail with enhanced opacity and appropriate levels of toughness and rigidity. Produced with only the purest and high quality synthetic raw materials available, Frost Turquoise offers the highest level of consistency with extremely low ash residue.

All manufactured product undergoes stringent Quality Control testing to ensure the highest level of quality. As well, a Certificate of Analysis is provided for all material produced.