SculptaCast Victory – Sculpture Wax


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Precizioned SculptaCastTM Victory is a dark brown colored modeling wax which is a direct offset to the classic Victory Brown product. This product is ideal for hand forming as its properties are very similar to soft clay. As such, this pliable material has exceptional moldability and carves cleanly at room temperature. As well, it adheres to itself when desired. SculptaCastTM Victory is easily adaptable and readily blends with other sculpture waxes in our product line to obtain specific desired properties if needed. The product is based from virgin petroleum material providing consistent results and is naturally clean burning with guaranteed low ash residue.

All manufactured product undergoes stringent Quality Control testing to ensure the highest level of quality.

Key Benefits

  • Softens sculpture waxes to provide ductility and malleability
  • Excellent for hand forming or modelling
  • Carves similar to a soft clay

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 15 in