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Precizioned - Precizioned Integrated Casting Solutions - SculptaCast Earth<sup>®</sup> PZ-A 415DG Green

SculptaCast Earth® PZ-A 415DG Green

Precizioned SculptaCast Earth® is a versatile, technically engineered high grade sculpture wax ideal for painting and slushing casting. It has been designed to have a wide application temperature range to accommodate all areas of application requirements. SculptaCast Earth® has additional benefits as it is formulated to reduce associated defects of bulging and or lifting without the need for painting edges or fixturing. This benefit is considerable as the final part will represent the identical match of the artist original design, which may have otherwise been distorted. This benefit also reduces the need for extensive trimming and subsequent assembly times due to rework. Additionally this product still provides enough body to be used as a backup wax, making it a ONE WAX solution. The product is based from high grade petroleum and natural raw materials providing consistent results and is naturally clean burning with very low ash residue.

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Physical Properties

  • Testing Procedure/Method
  • Specification/Typical Result
  • Softening Point, Ring and Ball @4°F/min (IPCS 004)
  • 136 °F
  • Drop Melt Point @4°F/min (IPCS 005)
  • 138 °F
  • Flow Test >50% (IPCS 007)
  • 34 °C
  • Needle Penetration 100 g @77°F (IPCS 006)
  • 15.6 dmm
  • Apparent Viscosity, Brookfield Thermosel @200°F (IPCS 009)
  • 26.0 cps
  • Ash Content (IPCS 002)
  • 0.006%
  • Color (IPCS 020)
  • Red / Brown / Green