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SculptaCast PZ-A 407G

Product Type and Description

Precizioned SculptaCast PZ-A 407G is a versatile, technically engineered high grade red sculpture wax ideal for mass and slush casting. It can be used for painting fine detail or used for modeling and as a backup wax. PZ-A 407G offers superior toughness with excellent durability. PZ-A 407G is a slightly firmer and drier product than the PZ-A 401L, which provides improved rigidity and minimal shrinkage. It also is workable with basic sculptors’ tools. This product is easily adaptable and readily blends with other sculpture waxes in our product line to obtain specific desired properties or creating your own custom blend. In addition, this material can be used as a modifier to reduce shrinkage and increase hardness in the PZ-A 401L if required. The product is based from virgin petroleum raw materials providing consistent results and is naturally clean burning with very low ash residue.

All manufactured product undergoes stringent Quality Control testing to ensure the highest level of quality.

Handling Guidelines (Melting and Conditioning)

Precizioned recommends the wax be melted at a minimum of 180-220°F (82-104°C) with constant low agitation for proper heat transfer and to produce a homogenous blend. Once the wax has completely melted, transfer the wax to the appropriate holding reservoir and condition the wax to the desired temperature and allow the wax temperature to stabilize. Allowing sufficient time for temperature stabilization ensures the most consistent product, performance and results. It is also recommended that the wax temperature not exceed 302°F (150°C) for prolonged periods as this will thermally degrade the wax components and result in changes to properties and performance.

Physical Properties

  • Testing Procedure/Method
  • Specification/Typical Result
  • Softening Point, Ring and Ball @4°F/min (IPCS 004)
  • 149.5 +/- 6°F
  • Drop Melt Point @4°F/min (IPCS 005)
  • 154.5 +/- 6°F
  • Flow Test >50% (IPCS 007)
  • 42 +/- 4°C
  • Needle Penetration 100 g @77°F (IPCS 006)
  • 8.2 +/- 3.0 dmm
  • Dynamic Viscosity, Brookfield Thermosel @200°F (IPCS 009)
  • 32.5 +/- 7.5 cps
  • Ash Content (IPCS 002)
  • 0-.015%
  • Color (IPCS 020)
  • Red