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Precizioned - Precizioned Integrated Casting Solutions - PZ-J 522LB Blue

PZ-J 522LB Blue

Precizioned  PZ-J 522LB – Blue, is a uniquely formulated premium all purpose jewelry injection wax suitable for production of a wide range of design styles and is ideally suited for thin cross sections. This wax offers an exceptional balance of characteristics with the appropriate level of ductility for easy removal from the mold without damaging the pattern. 522LB Blue provides excellent flow, low shrinkage, exceptional surface finish and reproduction of fine detail with improved levels of opacity and toughness.

Produced with only the purest and high quality synthetic raw materials available 522LB Blue offers a very high level of consistency with extremely low ash residue and is highly recommended for stone in place casting.

All manufactured product undergoes stringent Quality Control testing to ensure the highest level of quality.

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Available Colors

Precizioned Casting Wax Blue


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Precizioned Casting Wax Turquoise


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Physical Properties

  • Testing Procedure/Method
  • Specification/Typical Result
  • Softening Point, Ring and Ball @4°F/min (IPCS 004)
  • 154.5°F
  • Drop Melt Point @4°F/min (IPCS 005)
  • 156°F
  • Congealing Point (IPCS 003)
  • 144°F
  • Needle Penetration 450 g @77°F (IPCS 006)
  • 28.3 dmm
  • Apparent Viscosity, Brookfield Thermosel @170°F (IPCS 009)
  • 263 cps
  • Ash Content (IPCS 002)
  • 0.003%
  • Recommended Injection Pressure and Temperatures
  • 3-8psi / 155-162F (68-72°C)